We cater to various types of projects such as design build, plans and specs or specialty projects. In addition, we work directly with owners, their mechanical contractors and engineers to ensure the best control design and an accurate cost estimate. 


Documentation is key for building owners, managers and service technicians. Our CAD drawings are professionally drafted and approved by our in house certified professional engineer. Upon completion of a project, accurate as-builts detailing project changes and communication run locations are provided.


We managed our projects from start to finish. All our project managers are engineers with extensive knowledge on all aspects of control systems. Enabling them to recognize and address on the field issues as they arise. This allows us to respond faster and be more efficient through out the installation process.  


Every input, output and program is tested prior to sign off. After deployment, we continue to monitor the system and encourage end-user feedback to ensure 100% satisfaction. All of our work is fully covered under a one year warranty with parts and labor included. We pride ourselves in our reputation of excellent service. With our flexible service contracts, we can accommodate your needs. 

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